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Old 03-24-2017, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by that D222rk fellow View Post
WWE posted Shane Taker in the cell from last year and it was a big waste of time. Even the bump off the top was so needless. The only cool part was Shane suckering Taker over to the ring steps for the jumping DDT.

Need Snoop to do voice overs.
Shane: Imma cut this fence out....
Taker: Imma let you while I just stands here...
Shane: Woot woot! We out! Imma jump!
Taker: Imma move and do my 'oh' face player.
Shane: Weeeeeeeeeeeee! KERPLUNK!
Originally Posted by CLC View Post
We can salvage this. The Club vs the Mean Street Posse.
Originally Posted by Starscream666 View Post
I found the answer to why Shane is facing AJ.

How do you not have an opponent for Mania for the best guy on your fucking roster? How the hell does this happen?

Easy fix. Just call up Shinsuke and give them 30 minutes since you have 6 and a half hours to fill. How hard is it?
Originally Posted by TROld View Post
There's no such thing as a "decent match" with Shane. Only passable matches.

Aj could have a 5-star match with anyone on the regular roster. 6-stars if the show happened to take place in Japan.
Originally Posted by TROld View Post
Me: There's no way WrestleMania 33 can be as bad as 32.
WWE: Hold my beer.

This is why we are the best wrestling message board on the net.
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Old Yesterday, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Rafael122 View Post
NXT on Saturday Night
Should be a fun show, particularly with the home crowd regulars in attendance. NXT has done a really good job of building up to the matches and setting up the stories.
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